Sunday, September 4, 2011

i just can't mix it up more

Since I started my main blog, I've pushed myself to mix it up. It wasn't intuitive for me to mix warm colors with cool ones (see post on this here) or to wear prints with other prints (see post on this here). I've successfully resisted my ancient design sensibilities. I can now wear gray with camel, mix my silver watch with gold bangles and bronze bag hardware, even mix prints in the same color palette!

But these ensembles from the Prada Resort 2012 Collection, I am still not ready for. I cannot bring myself to mix hot pink, neon orange & apple green with navy & red.

I cannot even muster up the boldness to mix these pastels with the black & red purse! What about you? Can you mix it up this courageously?

Photos from vogue. 

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