Monday, January 21, 2013

my coffee shop name

As you might know from here, they never get my name right at Starbucks. I have to repeat it several times and the name on my cup is still totally wrong or, at best, misspelled. So once, on a whim, when asked for my name, I uttered the first name that came to mind - Vivian. And they got it right with just one mention and the name on my cup was spelled correctly! So since then, I've been using Vivian as my Starbucks name.

But after this...

... maybe I should change it again. I do admit it made me smile na vumi-Vivienne Tam ang Starbucks cashier. But just like my real name, my once trusty coffee shop alias is now also misspelled! Sigh.

Do they get your name right at coffee shops? If they do, can I borrow it as my new Starbucks name? If you're willing to lend it, just leave your name in a comment or email it to me! :)

Hmmm... Or should I forego regular names altogether and go for something like this? 

Hmmm, what about "The Boss"? Nobody needs to know that "of my household" follows that name nowadays. :) But I imagine "The Boss" will need to be repeated several times before the barista gets it, and even then, I'm sure it can be spelled "Da Boss" on my cup every now and then. And even if I went the narcissistic route, "Goddess" (or "Dyosa" for that matter) could go wrong in many horrific ways. So maybe I should just call myself "Supergirl"?

Egad! Hope you leave a comment or email me the perfect coffee shop alias! Or I will start using Supergirl as my new Starbucks name. :( 

Photos are my own and from pinkwallpaper & polkadotshoppingbag.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

resolution premonition

You know my new year's resolution to lose weight is a lost cause when...

... I see placemats instead of yoga mats in the photo above.


Photo from my Facebook newsfeed. If you know where this photo is from, please email me so I can give due credit.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

these heels were made for walking

I haven't worn my mixed-color Zara shoes from here in a while. My daily shoe uniform these days for my household & motherly duties are flats. And when I do go on nights out, I tend to stick to wedges since I'm afraid I've lost my old knack for walking around in 4-inch heels - being flat on the ground day-in & day-out these days.

It seems that though my Zara shoes have been gathering dust in my shoe cabinet, her sisters have been busy.

In mixed-color or black...

I'm pretty sure this woman is wearing my mixed-color version to London Fashion Week - even though I can't catch a glimpse of the orange...

Looks like these black ones are busy in denims...

And even a dress...

This one's even playing with some dog...

Yes, my shoes' sisters have been busy while mine haven't seen the light of day in over 3 months. I know, I know my boots heels were made for walking. Okay, maybe not walking since the arch of these shoes are steeper than my platform heels. More for sitting pretty... And not in my shoe cabinet! But out there, in the real world. Okay, okay! I resolve to wear them to one of my weekly 4-hour lunches with the girls. After all, that's just a lot of sitting... prettily!

Photos from here, here, here and annnniegirl.