Friday, December 28, 2012

pillow talk, literally...

During hotel stays, I always search the closet for a different type of pillow from the one on the bed. Because usually, hotels use down-filled pillows. I guess most guests prefer a soft down pillow that allows one's head to sink slowly into it.

It is, after all, the more costly pillow and I guess hotels believe their guests deserve the luxury. Probably works best for pillow fights too. :)

But I prefer the cheaper fiber-filled pillow.

I'd rather my pillow be resistant to distortion - to "fight back" instead of letting my head sink into it. I end up with a stiff neck the morning after I use a down pillow because my head sinks so deep, it's practically flat on the bed... which for me, defeats the purpose of a heady pillow (as opposed to Noah's huggy pillow).

What about you? What kind of pillow do you like?

Photos are my own and from annnniegirl. Pillow choices with labels are from Holiday Inn Express in Causeway Bay Hong Kong - an affordable hotel option; but its biggest plus is that Cong Sao Star Dessert is at the ground floor! Cong Sao serves delish shaved ice desserts. There's always a line to get in but there's a separate line for takeout orders. So if you're billeted in Express by Holiday Inn, just order your dessert to-go, show your keycard & get a 10% discount, and enjoy your iced dessert in the comfort of your room - with the pillow you prefer!

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