Monday, February 18, 2013

oops, my neurosis is showing...

Not knowing if it should be Happy Heart's Day or Happy Hearts Day or Happy Hearts' Day would normally bother me. I am sure it's Valentine's Day because Valentine is a person and it's his day, so it's an apostrophe-S. I struggle too on Mother's Day. Most write it with an apostrophe-S, like it's the day of just one mother. But isn't it a day for all mothers? So shouldn't it be Mothers' Day: S-apostrophe?

But this Valentine's Day, I let it go. Last year, my post read Happy Heart's Day. This year, it reads Happy Hearts Day. I don't know which one is correct or if it should even be written with an S-apostrophe, but I've learned to stop obsessing about it. It doesn't matter what the right way of writing it is. Maybe I'm not as neurotic as I thought I was. :)

Yes, it's okay. It's okay to NOT know where the apostrophe should be, or even if it's needed at all. Hmmm... But no, "its okay" is NOT okay. The absence of an apostrophe on an "it is" contraction is NOT okay. Oh, and notice how I have trouble typing just OK and make it a point to type the whole word? Gah! Just when I thought I was no longer neurotic... Oops, maybe my neurosis is showing after all...

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