Sunday, January 22, 2012

i miss riding...

I used to ride. Since I was 3 years old. But I haven't gone riding in a while. And I miss it a lot. I even miss just looking at beautiful horses (yes, sorry to discriminate, but not the sad, malnourished-looking kalesa-type of horses). Somehow, thoroughbreds have a calming effect on me. At the risk of making this seem like an oops, my neurosis is showing post, I have to admit that just seeing a horse's handsome back calms me. You know how only the horse's behind is seen when they're in a horse trailer? Well, I am soothed when I chance upon such a horse trailer on SLEX - probably on its way to its ranch home in Batangas. They need not be thoroughbreds. I remember passing Sta. Ana on the way to my Makati office during my first couple of years of working just to chance upon some part (behind or other) of a fine-looking horse. 

Gosh, I so miss horses. I haven't seen a handsome one in a while. It doesn't help that the horses eluded me during my last couple of work meetings in Manila Polo Club (why are they always out back?!). I guess I really should schedule a trip to Subic's El Kabayo Equestrian Center soon...

Photos from annnniegirl.

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