Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It's amazing how much a woman transforms when she becomes a mother. And I'm not even talking about the weight-gain. Somehow, a self-assured woman who conducts herself in such a dignified and elegant manner in the boardroom loses it at the carousel. She waves frantically at her child when his horse passes her - like someone meeting a long-lost relative would at the airport. Her eyes light up as if there were some sort of feat as the kid and his horse approaches her. Did she believe he rode the horse bareback to her at 2-years-old? And she does this at every. single. turn.

I am a mother and I know how precious it is to witness the sheer delight in your child's eyes as he spots you waving crazily at him during every turn of the carousel.

But I'm sure your poised and elegant boardroom self would find the frantic waving at every turn pathetic and embarassing. Amazing how one can have two personas, right? This blog is the other side of me. My positivity journal has changed my outlook and approach to life so tremendously. But let's face it. Everyone still has bad days. This blog is for those times... when am down in the dumps, -er, dots. Or when I just want to be mean or sarcastic that what I have to say belongs in the dumpster, -er, dotster.

Photo from countryliving.

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