Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Life is like our kitchen cupboard."

Way before Forrest Gump, my now 90-year-old Lola (Grandma) taught me that "Life is like a box of chocolates our cupboard; you never know what you're gonna get".

My Lola was obsessed with joining raffles. Growing up, half of our bodega (storage room/attic) would be filled with wrappers upon wrappers upon wrappers that would allow her to send in gazillion entries to manufacturers' raffle promotions. When Purefoods or Swift would have a running raffle, this would greet me when I opened our kitchen cupboard...

I would mean to grab a can of Vienna sausages but end up opening a can of pork n' beans. Sigh.

Her obsession continued even after I got married. She would strongly urge my husband who smokes Marlboros to smoke the Hope and Winston cigarettes sitting on her home-office-desk in their silver foil - wrapper-less of course. Sadly, she never won an "ixpidition". But she did win us a portable crib for our daughter by secretly collecting all the proofs of purchase of her diapers!

These days, her obsession has been channeled to the Lotto. She records every winning lotto combination in her little pad. She even logs the VisMin winning combinations even if she can barely get out of her room (due to Osteoporosis), what more fly to VisMin to buy a Lotto ticket there?! Check out photos of her records and the rest of her OC habits on ocmominmanila.

For someone so obsessed with control, it's ironic how she loves to join these games of chance. Perhaps she's trying to beat the system? My Lola: what a character!

Photos from Google images.

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