Sunday, February 19, 2012

i lost my Clipa...

I did. I lost my Clipa. :(  So I'm back to cradling my bag on my lap in restaurants. No, I don't leave it on the floor like this woman because if I did, ocmominmanila's voice would be screaming "bag-teria" in my head. Nor do I sling it over my chair's backrest for safety reasons. 

I also miss my Clipa in bathroom stalls, fitting rooms and theaters. Other bag hangers (search "bag hanger" on Google images if you don't know what I'm talking about) just don't measure up because they only work on tables. But a Clipa can hang from the hook on the door of public bathrooms and fitting rooms. And if the hook is missing or broken, you can always hang your Clipa over the door. For door-less and hook-less fitting rooms, you can sling your Clipa on the curtain-door rod or even the curtain-door's grommet. It can hang from the backrest of the seat in front of you in moviehouses and even school programs (even with monobloc chairs!). And in case you decide to cap off a shopping spree with a trip to the grocery, it even works to hang your paper bags of shopping loot on the pushcart handle. 

I loved my Clipa more because of its functionality. The chic, sleek design was just a bonus (though I've never worn it as a bangle as they said you could). My original Clipa was matte silver, which I still love. But I don't think I can cough up another P800 (Am I naive to think the Clipa price in Rustan's has remained the same in the past 2 years?) for exactly the same thing. Plus, if my silver one suddenly turns up (as most things do when you're not looking for them), at least I won't have 2 of the same Clipa. So am thinking of getting it in gold this time. After all, I have been drawn to gold a lot lately (see related post here).

Now, if only Rustan's still has it in stock...

Photos from here, here, here and annnniegirl.

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