Thursday, February 2, 2012

excessive birthday wishlist

Since it's my birthday, I thought up an excessive wishlist. They're absolutely unnecessary everyday things that I would absolutely love! [You might notice that shoes & bags are conspicuously absent from my list - because, I argue, they are a necessity! Haha!].

1. Friends DVD box sets. Yes, plural. The regular kind which is exactly what aired on TV. And the kind with never-before-seen additional footage. So I can compare and spot the extra jokes. What makes this even more excessive is I already have all 10 seasons. It's just that some seasons are the regular kind and some are the ones with extra footage. When I watch my DVDs from the extra-footage sets, at certain points, I catch myself thinking, "hey, that's an extra joke!" I'm never totally sure which is why I'd [neurotically] like to compare the 2 DVD sets. And despite the fact that I've watched every episode at least a thousand times to the point that some episodes don't play well anymore, these extra jokes escape me now! The only extra footage I can remember now is the one of Naked Ross sipping tea with Ugly Naked Guy when he was trying to get Ugly Naked Guy's apartment. And that is one extra visual I don't quite care for. :) 
2. Daily delivery of large Bubble Tea Royal Milk Tea Cold with extra bubbles   
3. My own Candy Corner (candy bar) at home - with unlimited supply of my favorite candies! Hmmm... since I'm making excessive wishes anyway, I would love to have a wall of M&Ms - segregrated by color - in those clear tubes that you find in the M&Ms stores. And I'd love to have every color - especially those that are not available in the pouches from the grocery!

Ooohh! I just looove the idea of these things on my excessive birthday wishlist.

Photo of the various scenes from The One Where They All Turn Thirty from here. Click here, here and here for previous evidences of my Friends fanaticism.


  1. Happy, happy birthday Juni!!! I love your blogs! I check them everyday! I was surprised to find out you were the genius behind them! Keep them coming! Thanks! God bless! - frances, ex-jnj mktg., wow team-

  2. @Frances Hello!!! How are you? Hope you're doing well! Thanks for reading my blogs! So glad you enjoy them!

    @trisha Thanks a lot! :)