Wednesday, February 29, 2012

what if today was your birthday?

I can't imagine what it would be like to be born on February 29... Celebrating on the right day every four years, and on a different day during those years in between...

As an adult, I imagine that it could be special. It could be an excuse to throw a party every leap year because after all, it doesn't happen every year.

But what if your child was born on this day? Can you imagine having to explain to your preschooler that his birthday is February 29 but that his birthday isn't in the calendar every year? How would you explain that it only comes every four years and most times, you'll be celebrating his birthday on March 1?

I wonder how he'll take it... Will he be wishing his real birthday would come again next year as he blows out his candles? Awww, I sure hope it isn't as sad as I'm imagining it...

If today happens to be your - or your child's - birthday, do tell me what it's like because as you can see, I am awfully curious.

Photo from here via nyctaughtme.

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