Saturday, June 16, 2012

dear home-service pedicurist

I had a jam-packed weekend recently and had no time to go to my usual nail salon at the mall. So I called a home-service nail salon I had tried twice before. I was pretty satisfied the first two times because they weren't obsessed with turning your feet pink. Their cuticle remover was a white liquid and not the common pink one at cheapo parlors (yes, I think "parlor" is more apt). They also didn't try to put merthiolate on my toenails or that thing they call "foot blush" in some parlors. I had watched the pedicurist like a hawk the first two times so I could immediately stop the use of pinkening products, if they tried. Since they didn't those two times, I thought I could relax on this latest appointment.

I was wrong. The pedicurist put merthiolate on my toenails when I wasn't looking! I was going to a wedding that evening so I was quite horrified! As you know from here, I am allergic to nail polish so I couldn't hide my merthiolated nails under polish. So the pedicurist spent more time trying to "erase" the pink from the merthiolate than the pedicure itself.

It's too bad because there's something relaxing about having your nails done at home. The nail salons I frequent get pretty full on weekends so I usually have to set an appointment way ahead (all the time at Nail Spa in Shangri-la Mall) or if I decide to do a walk-in (usually at Dashing Diva Power Plant Mall), I end up waiting a few hours until they have a free slot for me. Even during my long-awaited appointment, having so many other people around you, somehow takes away from the pampering (I did like the Nail Tropics hidden inside Rustan's Shangri-la Mall because they had only 2 chairs. But I haven't tried it on a weekend so not sure how hard it is to get a slot.). I imagine home nail service could keep me from having to deal with filled-up parking lots, or rushing to get to my appointment (because for some reason, I'm always late). I prefer to have my nails done when I want rather than when the salon can accommodate me. Plus, I imagine napping would be possible at home - without fear of my valuables getting stolen while I'm asleep.

So dear home-service pedicurist... please don't assume everyone wants pink feet. I really wish I didn't need to watch your every move, ready to stop you from putting pinkening products on my feet. I wish I could relax just as much as I do at my usual nail salons when you do my nails at home. After all, my room is intrinsically more suitable to relaxing than a mall, right? I sure wouldn't mind dreaming away while you scrub, cut, clean & massage my feet into a non-pink dreamy state.

Photo from annnniegirl.

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