Thursday, June 28, 2012


It's been a whole year since my maiden post on this blog about how carousels transform a woman when she becomes a mother.

I've always been drawn to carousels.

I remember finding a quaint little shop in San Diego California that sold nothing but carousel music boxes. But they were extremely expensive so I didn't get one. Even though I've wanted one for a long time.

The weird thing is I only like the sight of carousels because I don't ever ride them. They make me dizzy since, as you know from here, I've got motion sickness.

I know it's not the fancy carvings that I like since my home design style is more minimalist than Victorian.

Even if it's got 'Louis Vuitton' carved on it.

It's really more the horse that I like. Because as you know from here and here, I looove horses.

So I've always liked the idea of having a carousel adornment in my home. Sadly, I haven't found the right one.

It's been a whole year since you started bearing with such sad musings or my unloving thoughts & letters and even my neurotic confessions. Thank you for listening to me whenever I was down in the dots (-er dumps) this past year!

Photos from polkadotshoppingbag and annnniegirl.

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