Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Today, I am unloving...

Today, I am unloving... a particular motherhood routine (see previous post about my favorite motherhood ritual here)... Because Noah's yaya (nanny) left us in June and I haven't replaced her. Am thinking 7-year-old Noah no longer needs a yaya (am afraid having one won't teach him to be independent). So I'm doing all the mothering chores these days. And the motherhood routine I've been so unloving is cutting Noah's nails. The white edge of his nail starts so low (vs. starting at the very tip of his fingers) so he mutters "ouch!" a lot when am cutting them.
And for some reason, his nails seem to grow so darn fast! I seem to need to cut them every couple of days!
To make matters worse, they're not only long, they're also really dirty!
And yes, it seems Noah is literally willing to get his hands dirty! I don't know where Noah goes or what he touches, but there is often a black line of dirt where the white edge begins. No, not close to the nail tip, but the other end of the white edge -- where the nail touches the finger, making it even harder to clean.
Gah! These days, I am unloving... cutting my little boy's nails.
Photos from i'mjustsaying.
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