Monday, October 1, 2012

too far for comfort

As you might already know from here, when I was still working, my nightly route home included a service road that crosses the NAIA runway. The sides of the road are barricaded with runway lights. Sometimes, the traffic build-up on the service road would put my car in that exact spot and I would experience that awesome feeling of being right under a landing airplane. I just love that sudden rush - with the plane's overpowering presence with its enormous wings closing in on me and the thunderous booming sound of its engine - right overhead. The feeling is just so surreal that I looked forward to chancing upon being in that right spot on my way home every night.
But now that I've taken a break from work, I no longer have that nightly chance to feel the wonderful rush. Now, my view of an airplane is much like the photo above... from a distance. Sadly, it is just not the same...
This is definitely one of the little things I will miss about my old job that I completely forgot to include in my list here.
Yes, nowadays, the planes I chance upon overhead are just too far for comfort. 
Photo from acupofjo.  

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