Friday, June 5, 2015

Today, I am unloving...

Noah goes back to school next week. So today, I am unloving... that summer vacation is ending because I will miss staying up late in bed with Noah talking about the oddest random things. 

During the past two months, because I didn't need to get him fed, bathed and sleeping by 830pm, we could have the longest conversations. Once, he brought up wanting to live in the US instead of the Philippines. So I enlightened him on the pros of living in the Philippines. We also talked about the cons of living in either country. This led to a conversation about our third-world state and what got us here. But the best part is that we got to talking about what we (and in the future, he) can do to make the Philippines a better place to live in. :)

Another night, we were talking about me going to work the next day. He pretend-cried and said, "You don't love me. You want to leave me." So I asked him if him leaving for playdates or sleepovers with his buddies meant he didn't love me. Of course it didn't, so he got my point. Then he said, I wish we were super rich so you don't need to work so we can buy stuff. I realized then, that our rushed conversations during school nights led him to the wrong idea about work. When he would tell me not to go to work, I would respond with, "How will I afford to buy you Legos?" or something like that to cut our conversation short and get him to sleep. But since it was summer and we could stay up all night, I got a chance to tell him I work because I love what I do. And I got to tell him that he needs to figure out what he loves to do and make that his career. Of course, he still maintains he wants to be a YouTuber when he grows up. Gah!

On a different night, Noah asked who puts money in the bank so Isabella can get money from the ATM. So I launched into how bank accounts work. This led to me showing him my BPI mobile app which led to a conversation about savings accounts, loans and investments. 

Things I never thought would be kid-friendly topics figured into our nightly conversations just because one convo led to another then to another. And this was only possible because we had all night. 

But when school starts, I'll be back to cutting our convos short, in a panic to get him to bed on time. I will certainly miss the learning opportunities in our conversations. So today, I am unloving that Noah and I will no longer have time for our long, random, insightful conversations. 

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