Tuesday, March 27, 2012

heartbreaking moment

I remember feeling the mother's intense pain & sorrow when I first saw this photo.

While I'm not sure that what I've been going through the past couple of days approximates the overwhelming feelings of a soldier serving her country away from her child, I have to say it has been quite an emotional ride for me as well. You see, Isabella is in the hospital and has been having bouts of severe pain. And while she goes through what certainly looks like the most horrible physical pain, I cannot describe how it feels watching her. How I so want to take away the pain. How I feel so helpless when my usually feisty, strong-willed baby is crying in pain and begs, "I don't like na, Mommy. Please make it stop." How, while I try to encourage her: tell her she can get through this episode of pain, find the positive in the situation - like how this shows her body is fighting the infection or that the medicine is working, I am a wreck deep inside, worrying why the medicine doesn't seem to be working or that her body might not be able to take this. I cannot quite describe the horrible emotional pain. But I would take double this anguish if I could take even a little of hers away.

She is obviously pain-free while I write this post. She has been watching Disney music videos on YouTube for the past hour. Which is how I learned you can play Snake on YouTube while waiting for a video to load by pressing the down-key. And that the guy from Chuck is Flynn Rider from Tangled. Both speaking and singing voice! It's actually sweet how she keeps asking me what Disney movie we will watch songs of next - when she's really the one watching since I'm catching up on work (and sneaking in this post) during this good hour of hers. It seems it is important to her for me to like the songs we watch (er, I listen to). Now, this heart-tugging moment is much better than the heart-breaking ones. Hoping for more of the former. Thanks to those who have been praying for Isabella and sending get-well-soon wishes! Much appreciated! :)

Photo from designeditor.


  1. I pray that she gets better soon. Be strong mommy.

  2. Hugs to Isabella! What were those pains?

  3. @trisha She felt pain all over due to her kidney infection. And when she would get chills from her high fever, I guess her whole body got more painful. We're out of the hospital na though! Woot woot! Thanks trisha! :)