Saturday, March 31, 2012

dear friend who uses SNS the proper way

I wish you'd share a little bit about yourself every now and then. Because if all I wanted to read were news articles (no matter how interesting they may be), I'd go to a news website, not a Social Networking Site. 

I know that they say you shouldn't inform everyone about every little mood swing that you have. Especially when your friend list includes both personal and professional contacts. I know that one needs to be thoughtful about what they post. But Facebook isn't LinkedIn so please don't get ultra-stiff & conservative.

Sure, don't post about EVERY pound you gain or EVERY day you're pissed off at work or EVERY night you're hung over. But once in a while, please try to post something about YOU. Try posting something that does not link to a news or feature article. Because even though Hemingway says we should "edit sober", he also says we should "write drunk". Because it's the "drunkenness" that speaks of your personality, your individuality, of you living a life (rather than a press release).

So dear friend who uses SNS the proper way, go ahead and remain thoughtful about your posts. But once in a while, I'd appreciate a post about what's really going on with you.

Photo from annnniegirl.

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