Sunday, April 1, 2012

oops, my neurosis is showing...

I have a problem with floating stickers on the windshield.

When I'm inside the car, I can't seem to look past them. So they give me a headache.

Because I need the stickers to be out of my line of sight, the only acceptable windshield space is the bottommost portion which is hard to get to because there's hardly enough space for hands to fit - what more hands that are trying to stick the sticker as close as possible to the bottom edge of the windshield? Not to mention the fact that the stickers cannot be stuck in a lopsided manner. I need them to be evenly aligned to the edge of the windshield. I used to stick them on an acetate film. But acetate films are hard to come by these days (do overhead projectors still exist?). So I actually haven't stuck an LTO-registration sticker on my windshield for 5 years now. And you know how much of a dutiful driver I am from here. So while I feel guilty about it, I really prefer a clear, floating-sticker-free windshield like this.

Oops, is my neurosis showing again?

Photos from annnniegirl.

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