Sunday, April 8, 2012

easter eggs

I've always wanted to dye eggs for Easter because of the delightful, lovely color options. But I've never gotten around to buying the dyes (what do they use? food coloring? paint?), laying out the newspaper and mixing the dyes to get to the colors I want.

I surfed the web to find out what dye to use and I read about a "kit", which I assume will not be easy to find in Manila since we're not the Easter-Bunny-believing-type-of-folk. I then found out how to dye eggs with food coloring here, but maybe because I am such an undomesticated goddess (see related post here), I felt a bit nauseous at the list of supplies that needed to be gathered and daunted when I got to the part of having to measure & mix vinegar and hot water and food coloring. I don't even know where to get food coloring though I figure I should be able to find some in the baking needs section, a grocery aisle I've stopped visiting since I realized those tiny colored stars and rainbow sprinkles don't really taste like candy. (Okay, I'm starting to feel that you're thinking this is a major dumb blood moment - No, that wasn't a typo because I underwent blood transfusion when I gave birth to Noah and have always felt I got dumber after that. - but you have to understand I don't even know how to fry an egg! And yes, I know some super-moms even tie-dye or marble their easter eggs!).

Luckily, I found out you can actually use Kool-Aid to dye eggs! And as some of you might already know from here, I love Kool-Aid, so we always have some in our kitchen cupboard (no need to make an extra trip to the grocery!). And all you need to do is dissolve the Kool-Aid powder in a cup of water (no vinegar or measuring needed!), and you can go ahead and dip the egg & scoop it out to dry.

Pam (who fully discloses here what worked and what didn't in her Kool-Aid-dyeing experiment) says Lime makes lovely green and Berry, a gorgeous blue. The Orange actually turns out a deep, rich yellow and Strawberry is more orange than red.

I like the idea of excitedly waiting to find out what colors we will get with each flavor. And dyeing eggs in the midst of fruity smells! I think I might just get around to dyeing some eggs this Easter!

Who knows? Maybe next Easter, I can move on to food coloring and create these pretty, pretty colors!

Happy Easter everyone!

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