Friday, April 13, 2012

nonsensical perfection

Warning: This down-in-the-dots post has sunk to the lowest of levels! It is incredibly late and I am waiting for my ultra-slow work email to send out some urgent mail. It was starting to feel like a watched pot so I opted to distract myself with this quick post to hopefully, finally make it boil. So please do not judge this blog based on this nonsensical post... 

Quite a while back here, I shared this photo of jetlag perfection. Seriously, wouldn't you want to look this good when you're jetlagged?

Around the same time here, I also shared this photo of derby perfection. Wouldn't this be the perfect outfit for a derby (if there ever was one in Manila)?

So I thought you'd also like to see this photo of armpit perfection.

Isn't it the most perfect armpit? I know it's probably photoshopped, but if I had such beautiful armpits, I'd probably find a way to keep my arms up high all the time rather than tap my fingers repeatedly as my Microsoft Outlook's send/receive status stays put at 56%.

56%. Nuninuninu... Tap-a-tap (in case you're wondering, that's the sound of my tapping fingers)... Tap-a-tap... Still at 56%. Sigh...

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