Friday, April 6, 2012

liar, liar, pants on fire

I am the worst liar. Lying makes me sooooo uncomfortable. I cannot even manage the little white lies to get through village gate guards. Even when I don't even have to say anything. Just being an accomplice to the hubby's "Hatid lang siya [will just drop her off at her house]" while motioning at me with his thumb is major pressure for me! I cannot even manage a confident-nod-at-the-guard-like-I-know-him-because-I-supposedly-live-there.

Ellen deGeneres says in her book, Seriously... I'm Kidding, that people tend to lie about their age, their weight, their natural hair color, and how cute their friends' babies are. I don't get why'd you'd lie about the first 2 (unless you're 16 and trying to get into Euphoria -er, I mean a club) because your age and weight show anyway. What's the point saying you're a size 2 when you're obviously a size 8? And I guess lying about your haircolor is not so relevant in this black-haired part of the world. But I have to admit that friends' babies thing is hard. I really can't lie so I end up saying "Aawww..." or "Soooo tiny." And it's not that their babies aren't cute, it's just that I think all newborns really look the same so it's hard to say if one is cute or not.

But after reading ocmominmanila's tweet the other day, I realized there is one thing that I do lie about. "The 21st century's most frequently told lie is: I have read & agree to the Terms & Conditions."

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