Monday, October 24, 2011

when yellow turns to red at your turn

Crossing three intersections yesterday, the light turned from yellow to red on me so I had no choice but to pull to a stop. It would be natural to feel a little miffed because you just got left behind by the fleet of cars you had been driving with and now, you will get to your destination at least 96 seconds (there was a digital timer at the stoplight) later  than if you had gotten through.

But the three stops made me realize there is more to be miffed about...

The dutiful driver that I am stopped before the pedestrian lane. But motorcycles aren't as obedient. Within seconds, the pedestrian lane in front of me was filled with at least ten motorcycles that eventually took away the only fun thing about catching a red light: being the first to go on green and getting to drive as fast as you can - within the speed limit of course, since I am, as I said, a dutiful driver.

The digital timer reads 4. 3. 2. 1. The light turns green and the ten or so motorcycles in front of me might as well be that woman lying down on the pedestrian lane. It takes about five seconds before maybe four of them start moving. Two seconds later, three start to inch forward. Eventually, all ten cross the intersection but when I finally cross as well, I find myself trying to dodge a fleet of motorcycles at different slow speeds spread across three lanes -- all in the effort to overtake all of them and reclaim the only fun thing about catching a red light.

My Sunday stops at the traffic light were certainly unpleasant. I hope Monday morning traffic will be better!

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