Monday, October 10, 2011

libreng belt

I am not very adept at sales. I have a huge personal space (as I talked about here) so the customary crowd at a sale doesn't help. The O.C. in me (see related posts here) also finds it difficult to rummage through piles of clothes like they dig for the immunity idol on Survivor. I also easily get weak in the knees when I fall in love with a particular item so the fear of it getting sold out almost always wins over the regret of a further discount if I could just hold out til Zara goes from 30%-off to 50%-off to 70%-off.

Needless to say, it isn't often that I score big bargains (except maybe at U.S. outlet malls, at the Target $1 aisles or online sales). I do find great satisfaction though from buying clothes that come with a belt. I would survey the cost of a belt in that store and since they're usually priced the same as the clothes, I find myself giddy with joy at the counter because I feel I scored a free belt! (Shhh... Don't remind me how cheap belts cost in SM department store!)

Now, going back to the photo above - of my baby-shower gift for OCmominmanila... While I really did fall in love with the knotted leather-looking belt on such an itsy-bitsy dress (I mean, how stylish is this baby?!), it helped that I felt I was scoring a free belt!

And in case you're wondering... I, of course, wrapped my gift in polka dots!

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