Tuesday, October 18, 2011

dear bangko sentral ng pilipinas

I really wish you would bring back the ten-peso bill. It just doesn't feel right to tip salon people with coins. It doesn't help that one trip to a salon these days is equal to a battalion of people attending to you. There's the shampoo girl. And the guy who gives you a 5-minute backrub while you wait for the stylist to finish cutting another customer's hair. Then the girl who blow-dries your hair after the haircut.

And the lady that gives you a footspa. Then the one who does your nails.

And that's assuming you don't get a hair treatment on that particular salon visit!

Plus, sometimes, their service is not quite worth an additional P20.

So dear BSP, I really wish you would print ten-peso bills again... because P20 is just too small a tip for the shampoo girl, but sometimes, P40 is way too much.

Photos from terrierandlobster.


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