Wednesday, October 26, 2011

how to not go clink

Am loving this trend of piling on the bangles.

My office is kind of laidback so I have tried this trend at work.

Problem is, they clink during meetings and presentations. :(

Should I resort to braided scarves like this to keep the same look without the clink?

Hmmm... It's actually not bad-looking. In fact, I love the idea of being able to pile it on with my watch (since I can't bring myself to wear my bangles on the same wrist as my watch because am so afraid they will scratch my precious watch)... Except I'm in love with the animal-print and gold bangles! Gee, I wonder if animal-print scarves will work?

Photos from everythingfab and possibly (sorry, previously posted photo. can't recall source anymore.) 101gramsofeyecandy.


  1. I saw this link soon after reading this post. Might work too?