Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Eeep. Am guilty. I have to admit there is this feeling of hatred in the driver in me. Not towards bicyclists, but towards motorcyclists.

Not only because they take away the one fun thing about catching a red light here. But because they weave in & out, often dangerously overtaking from the right side. I think the idea of designating a motorcycle lane is the right thing to do. But a whole car lane on Edsa does not seem to be the right way to do it. Because daily Edsa traffic is proof that the volume of cars is just too high, the motorcycle lane will always be occupied by cars too. And the motorcycles will just overtake from the right or left of those cars in the motorcycle lane. It doesn't help that the motorcycle lane is a middle-lane because they tend to spill out to the left & right lanes, affecting all 3 car lanes -- rendering the motorcycle lane pretty useless.

I think there's something to learn from bicycle lanes. Bike lanes around the world are small. They don't fit cars, just bikes. Maybe they should designate 1 or 2 motorcycle-wide lanes on Edsa as the motorcycle lane.  It will segregate cars from motorcycles, keeping everyone safe. Perhaps this is why "love is among cyclists". They have their own lane - safe from dangerous overtaking against much bigger vehicles, yet still unperturbed by the heavy traffic of cars in the car lanes.

I remember the time when buses would weave in & out of Edsa traffic, going from the leftmost lane to the rightmost and back. We've managed to get buses to stick to their lane. I'm sure we can get motorcycles to do the same! As long as they can have their lane all to themselves. Maybe this is one time that sharing [lanes] leads to hatred and selfishness leads to love...

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