Monday, July 9, 2012

a different window view

Remember how I hate my windows here? I never ever pull back the curtains because I really find what's behind them so unsightly.

Well, I now see my windows in a whole new light. After I woke up to this...

... the sight of the kids playing on my window ledge.

Noah and my niece weren't even playing the same game. Denise was playing with Noah's old toy piano (will post about this soon) and Noah was playing with some dice & Captain America. But they were perfectly happy on that thin ledge covered by my curtains.

I guess for them, it felt like their own little fort.

And what kid wouldn't want a fort of their own?

Yes, I now see my windows in a whole new light. Now, I like pulling the curtains back a bit to catch a glimpse of the kids playing quietly in their own little fort.

It doesn't matter that my windows are unsightly because the sight of the kids playing in front of it is much, much more delightful!  

Photos are my own and from annnniegirl & pinkwallpaper.


  1. It's a bit ironic that the window you used to hate is the same window that the kids consider as their fort. Well, who wouldn't want to wake up to a window ledge with two happy kids? That's definitely a precious view. :D

    -Roxie Tenner

    1. Indeed, it is a precious sight! :)

      Thanks for dropping by!