Sunday, July 29, 2012

tricky trick

As you know from here, I am pretty lazy. So my Simple Trick series only covers quick and easy-to-do tips & tricks. Seriously, if I can do them, you can too.

But if you aren't as lazy as me, here's a charming DIY project. If you decide to follow my tip here to switch from bulky wooden hangers to flock ones, you can put them to good use as a coat, scarf or hat rack in your foyer. Okay, maybe that wasn't as relevant to our hot & humid Manila weather... Perhaps, for your bag or umbrella?

I love these handwritten phrases on the hangers.

This particular trick - the writing on hangers, I can do. But not this next one... 

Sawing half of the wooden hangers, mounting them on a wooden panel, and then on the wall is just too difficult for me (who often, cannot even open a mineral water bottle).

Too bad. Coz it's really charming! More detail on how to do it here.

Photos from here.

Click here for the of-dots-&-things version of this post. Click here for much easier - but I swear, very helpful - tricks than this.

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