Monday, July 16, 2012

the runway show i DID watch

I would have liked to see Project Runway Philippines Season 3 winner, Milka Redoble's finale collection LIVE. It would have been great to see how the fabrics really look (am sure it's different on TV) and get a glimpse (though probably a far view) of the construction (was that puckering I saw on TV?). But I didn't get tickets this season.

I do remember watching Season 2 with Isabella and a few friends. I remember being sooooo excited for Isabella because at that time, she dreamed of becoming a fashion designer (she now wants to be a marine biologist when she grows up).

She had her own Project Runway sketchbook and designed some pretty amazing ensembles. And to think, she was only 11 then!

I found it endearing how she designed outfits for other people. She didn't just stick to her own style. Because early on, she declared her style as G.P.R.S. - Gothic Princess Rock Star. Imagine skulls with hearts for eyes. Yet not all of her sketches were G.P.R.S.!

A year later, she was such a fan of Project Runway that for her birthday, I gave her a "shopping-at-Mood" experience in fabric stores in SM Megamall.

Since then, Isabella has switched dreams. She doesn't even watch Project Runway with me anymore. So while I wish I could have watched this past season's finale live, if I had to choose just one time to watch a runway show with Isabella, I'd still pick that day in 2009... When it was still a dream come true for her.         

Photos are my own, from Isabella's old scrapbooks, and from here.

Click here for the of-dots-&-things version of this post - the one about this season's winner.

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