Monday, August 13, 2012

random Friends reminders

My previous post on the anti-theft lunchbag here reminded me of Ross and the episode where someone stole his sandwich despite his warning limerick. It's what brought him to the deep end and led to his sabbatical. "My sandwich?! My sandwich?! MY SANDWICH?!!!"

Yes, random objects remind me of my favorite TV show, Friends. This throw reminds me of the throw that Rachel used to cover herself when she walked out of the bathroom naked and Chandler was in their apartment. 

The one on the show was less colorful, but they're both crocheted and allowed Chandler to say, "That's a relatively open weave and I can still see your... nippular area." Eep, too bad for Rachel.

The many funky rings in this picture remind me of Phoebe and how she had to take all of her rings off when Mike proposed to her.

This dollhouse reminds me of the one Monica inherited, that didn't go well with Phoebe's toys - especially the giant dog statue.

And remember how Phoebe & Rachel were in a Literature class and because Rachel didn't bother to read Jane Eyre, Phoebe got her to compare Jane Eyre with Robocop in front of the whole class.

Finally, these chairs remind me of Chandler and Joey's lazy-boys (Rosita was the name of the one who died).

I wonder if the chairs in this picture are also facing the 'Stevie the TV' of this house. :)  

Photos from annnniegirl, lushlee and pinkwallpaper.

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