Thursday, December 15, 2011

foiled christmas traditions

Turns out, posting photos of your Christmas tree is a common holiday tradition. So I didn't realize it when I did it here, but apparently, I started my blogger holiday tradition. 

I find myself starting new traditions every year. Largely because my previous ones somehow get foiled. When Isabella was much younger, we would watch Disney On Ice every December. But for a couple of years, the Araneta Coliseum skipped showing it so that Christmas tradition was foiled. When Noah was born we started going to Policarpio (this street in Mandaluyong where the houses go all out with their outdoor Christmas lights). But 2 years ago, the economy took its toll on the once extravagantly lit street and only a couple of houses put up their traditional decor. So we didn't go back the following year. Christmas tradition foiled again.

Even our traditional family photo by our Christmas tree was foiled the year we moved houses in mid-December while I was pregnant with Noah and on complete bedrest. Putting up the tree was just too difficult in the scheme of things. Other Christmas activities we did a couple of times but didn't pursue consistently include roadtrips to view the Ayala Center Christmas lights, letters to Santa, roasting marshmallows by the fire and the Christmas service and cantata at our church.

This year, inspired by Trisha of Playtime Break here, I may have started a tradition of Santa videos for Noah. Will need to think of an appropriate one for 14-year-old Isabella though.

Perhaps, the point of Christmas traditions isn't consistency. Maybe we don't need to commit to one thing and do it every year. Maybe the point is doing many different Christmassy things every year. It may be roasting marshmallows one year, Disney On Ice during the years it is on, and Policarpio or Ayala Center lights every now and again. Perhaps, that is the Christmas tradition.

Photo from nyctaughtme.

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