Monday, December 5, 2011

Today, I am un-loving...

Today, I am un-loving... hard-case luggages because they open in the middle. Sure, they're sturdier. But it is impossible to fill them to the brim like a soft-case one that opens at the top. With a hard-case, it is difficult to estimate how much you can pile up on the bottom half, beyond its middlepoint brim, without making it impossible to lock when you bring the top half down to close it. If you try filling both halves separately first, gravity will mess up your tightly stacked top-half and items you packed by the edges will spill out when you attempt to close your hard-case luggage. Soft-case luggages, on the other hand, can be filled to the brim. Even beyond the brim, because they stretch to conform to the bulges your tightly squished shopping loot makes. Of course, this is coming from someone who sits (even stands) on her soft-case luggage to ensure it is packed as tightly as possible.

Today, I am un-loving... my hard-case luggage. I might as well convert it into our dog's bed!

Photo from inspirationoohahh.

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