Saturday, December 17, 2011

gifts under the tree

There never are gifts under my tree. I always end up wrapping gifts at the last minute - the night before I have to give it out. So while I absolutely love Trisha-of-Playtime-Break's color-coded giftwrapping idea via OCMomInManila here, I really haven't had the chance to wrap gifts early enough for them to have some wait time under my tree.

Even for my kids' gifts, I end up spending December 24 from noon onwards wrapping the gifts I will be giving out to the family that night and the day after. Oh no! Am I depriving my kids of the eager anticipation of finally unwrapping their Christmas gifts? Am I keeping them from excitedly wondering what is inside their wrapped gifts as they hold it up to their ear and shake it days before Christmas? :(

Photo from anniegirl.

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