Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Am back to using my old laptop - my Vivienne Tam HP mini notebook - from the office-issued Lenovo I've been using everyday for a while now.

And I am going nuts!!! It took me 3 tries to remember my password - actually, more the correct case for the right letter. Windows Explorer looks different. The keys seem to be in the wrong place.  I had to change my home pages. Turns out the websites I frequented 2 years ago are not exactly the same as my favorites these days. And of course, I needed to log in to all my fave sites. The colors on my monitor are slightly different - somewhat more yellow than my old laptop's. The screen is smaller, shorter. I experimented with a 75% view so I could see more in my preview pane, but the visuals were too small. Am trying a 90% view now. It's just not the same!

Oh, this will take some getting used to...

Though I am loving the purrretty butterflies everywhere. Here's a screenshot of me exploring my jcrewing photo folder.

There are butterfly stand-ins while the photos load. I noticed there's a different butterfly graphic depending on the filetype (jpeg vs png).

Purrretty, right?

"Very often, a change of self is needed more than a change of scene" (A.C. Benson). I already like the change of scenery - what with all the butterflies, but I need to give me and my habits an overhaul to make this change work.

Now, if only the other things about this laptop were as easy to get used to as those purrretty butterflies...

Photo from lushlee.

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