Friday, September 7, 2012

dear exact-toll-lane driver

There are 2 lanes on the tollgate I pass to get to the office. One is an E-Pass/Exact Toll Lane and the other is a Cash/Coupon Lane. One day, the car in front of me on the Exact Toll Lane caused traffic because he demanded that the tollgate attendant give him his 1-peso change. Apparently, he was handed a receipt when he passed and he realized he didn't get his 1-peso change after he had moved his car two feet. So he yelled at the attendant who eventually had to walk out of her booth and hand him his change.

I have to admit I was extremely annoyed - okay, 'pissed' would be more accurate. But some time has passed and I have gotten over my anger. So sans expletives, here is my message for the driver of that car.

Dear Exact-Toll-Lane Driver, let me start by telling you that, because I have to pass that tollgate everyday, I've already calculated how much it would cost me to give up my 1-peso change if I chose the Exact Toll Lane each day for a year - just to avoid the delay in the longer Cash/Coupon line. So you have to understand my dismay at having to put up with a delay in the Exact Toll Lane when you demanded for your 1-peso change that day. You see, exact toll lanes mean you need to pay the exact toll or give up your change. It's the price you pay to avoid delay. If you weren't willing to give up your change, I would have preferred that you lined up on the Cash/Coupon Lane. There, drivers are trained to wait patiently for the tollgate attendant to hand drivers their change, so unlike the E-Pass/Exact Toll Lane drivers who want to go through that tollgate as fast as they can. After all, these drivers take time to fill up our E-Pass Load (is that what it's called?) or prepare a stash of coins and P20 & P50 bills to easily hand the attendant the P49 tollfee.

So dear Exact-Toll-Lane Driver... if you didn't take the time to fill up your E-Pass Load or prepare the exact tollfee, please, please, take the Cash/Coupon Lane or be prepared to give up your change. This way, we - both Cash/Coupon and Exact-Toll drivers - can all pass through that tollgate happily. :)

Photo from annnniegirl.

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