Wednesday, September 26, 2012

comedic births

I always thought giving birth would fall under either the drama or horror genre. Drama because I've seen so many tear-jerking mom & newborn scenes in Johnson's Baby commercials. And Horror because giving birth was my greatest fear. Little did I know that after my babies crowned, it was going to be more of a Comedy.
When I gave birth to Isabella, I was on epidural (as I said, my low pain tolerance made me scared s---less of giving birth). Epidural is the best, best thing! You are awake and are able to contribute to the birthing process because you need to bear down and push. But you don't feel a thing. To the point that I was still pushing and the doctors had to say, "Misis, tama na po. Nakalabas na." (Missus, stop pushing now. The baby is out.). It was quite embarrassing then, but in retrospect, it's actually pretty funny.
Then during Noah's birth, it got quite suspenseful. I lost a lot of blood and after Noah came out, I heard the doctors ask for a unit of blood. Then I heard panicked voices yelling, "30 na lang BP! Asan na yung dugo?!... Zero na ang BP!" (BP is down to 30. Where is the blood?!... BP is down to zero!). I heard the heartbeat monitor go from a slow & regular "toot... toot... toot..." to a very quick "toottoottoottoottoot" I remember the thoughts running in my head: "Oh no! Am I dead already? [toottoottoottoottoot in the background led to] Naaaahhh... If I were, then the sound of my heartbeat monitor would be one long 'toooooooooooooot' vs. toottoottoottoottoot, like on TV." Then I remember chastising myself, "Duh. If you were dead, you wouldn't hear anything, let alone a toot!"
I obviously survived Noah's birth, that is, after 4 units of blood. And now, I can't help shake my head and clap my forehead with my palm at the memory of the now-comedic conversation I was having with myself. What the heck was I thinking?!

You see? Isabella and Noah's births had some funny moments. I wonder if their comedic births had anything to do with the sense of humor I so love in both of them...

Photo from annnniegirl. 


  1. holy cow, that was scary! good thing you're ok! :)

    1. @Jen Yeah,it was. But I was perfectly fine after. Except of course for the dumb-blood moments. :)