Tuesday, September 25, 2012


While at a stoplight on the way home on one rainy night about a year ago, an old man walked past my car on the sidewalk. He didn't have an umbrella, was completely drenched and was clearly shivering from the cold rainy night.

I didn't have an umbrella in my car either. All I had was this new down rainjacket I had purchased just the previous week in Hong Kong.

I hesitated. I wish my first thought was that he might get insulted because it wasn't clear if he was homeless. But that wasn't my first thought. Sadly, it was that my jacket was expensive.

I hesitated for about 3 seconds and by then, the light had turned green and I lost the opportunity to comfort a shivering, old man on that late, rainy night. I regret that moment to this day. I wish I had not been that selfish.

3 seconds of hesitation. A nagging regret I will carry for years to come.
Photo from frommetoyou.  

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