Wednesday, May 9, 2012

dear kid with a balloon

Please hold on to your balloon tightly.

They say that each year, millions of balloons are released into the air and when they finally land, they can wind up in trees, river systems and many other habitats. Sadly, latex balloon material has shown up in the digestive systems of turtles, dolphins and many other marine animals.

So, dear little kid with a balloon, please don't let go of your balloon.

And to a sweet boyfriend planning a beautiful balloon-release surprise for his girl...

As beautiful as it is to watch a bunch of balloons fly up among the clouds, please don't release them into the air. Instead, maybe you can surprise your girl indoors?

It may not seem as grand a gesture as this.

But it's just as pretty and special.

And just as sweet.

So dear little kid & sweet boyfriend with balloons... please hold on to your balloons tightly. Because as sweet as they look to see them fly up into the air, animals might mistake them for sweet food when they finally land.

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