Sunday, May 6, 2012

oops, my neurosis is showing...

This photo filled with lavender could have been part of my of-dots-&-things Color Obsession post on lavender here. But for some reason, I couldn't bring myself to include it. The greens, browns, yellows & nudes were exactly the colors I chose in my lavender color palette. But for some reason, this photo still didn't make the cut.

Am not really sure why. Could it be the huge leopard print? Perhaps they're a tad too big? Maybe I find the model's pose too awkward? Too contrived? Too unreal?

I don't really know. What makes it even more puzzling is that I feel it is pretty enough a picture to post in this blog. Which leads me to my neurosis. I'm not a very good photographer so most of the photos I take myself never make the cut. That's why I have a post on my home makeover here without an actual photo of my house. It wasn't easy to find photos on the web with furniture pieces that resemble mine. But I preferred that over posting photos of the real thing - because they had bad lighting. This is also why I used a screenshot from H&here to show my shopping loot rather than upload a photo of the actual loot. I even spent some time surfing for a photo of the sleeveless seafoam green top I also purchased but didn't find it. So I opted to just mention that I got one and plan to pair it with my peach shorts. Instead of uploading a photo of the actual outfit.

You see, my blog is my repository of beautiful things. So if I decide to post an ugly photo, I'd probably end up taking it down later anyway. I realize my posts could end up as contrived & unreal as the model above. But while the pretty photos are taken by much better photographers than I am, I promise that every word is genuine and real and all so, so me.

Sigh. My neurosis is showing yet again...

Photo from here.  

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