Saturday, May 12, 2012

my thing about personalized monograms

My his & hers post here made me realize that - for someone who loves wearing her kids' names or initials around her neck here, I am not a fan of my own monogram or initial. I realized I don't have personalized label stickers like a lot of people I know. I don't even put my name on my books so book nameplates are useless for me. And I've never been attracted to the idea of having my designer bag monogrammed.

I wonder if it's because I have two names... My family calls me by my first name. Naturally. But my friends & co-workers call me by my maiden name. It started in school. My classmates just got into the habit of calling me by my maiden name largely because it sounds like a nickname. It caught on so it's the name I've been using since I started working. In fact, after I got married, very few of my co-workers know that what they think is my nickname is actually my maiden name. Anyway, obviously, my family couldn't get on board with calling me by my maiden name. So I ended up with a different name for my family vs. my friends. And maybe this is why I don't like plastering my name or initial on anything.

I wonder though if the reason behind this quirk of mine is my 91-year-old Lola (grandma). Because as you will see in this post about her of ocmominmanila here, she put ghastly-looking labels of her initials all over our house. I grew up with our TV, electric fan, even our flashlights displaying a masking-tape marked JH. Maybe those horrible labels just turned me off of personalized labels?

Whatever the reason, I won't be having our towels or pillows embroidered with our initials anytime soon. I guess this would be the only possible embroidery on our pillows...

It's no wonder then that I am loving the charming non-monogrammed his & hers items here.

Photos from pinkwallpaper and annnniegirl.

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