Wednesday, May 30, 2012


As I sifted through my Legoland photos for the ones I would include in my Legoland Details post here, I came across this one unexpected photo. Because Legoland's attention to detail has been so unparalleled -- creating unique people on the Daytona bleachers with Lego bricks instead of mini-figs, I guess my expectations rose to unrealistic levels.

To the point that I expected them to create the Pier 39 carousel horses out of bricks rather than the regular Lego horses.

I know... Give someone a hand, and they take your whole arm. Tsk tsk, unfair.

Legoland Malaysia is opening on Septemer 15, 2012 (check out the countdown here). I can't wait to witness Legoland's unmatched awesomeness again here in Asia. Brick horse or not, I am unequivocally still Legoland's #1 fan. 

Photos are my own.

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