Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Today, I am unloving...

This (above photo) isn't really a photo of our pomeranian, Halee. But she pretty much looks like this dog. That is, until today...

It's just been so hot these days that we decided to give her a "summer cut". We're feeling incredibly hot ourselves and we're not even covered in thick fur. So we figured it would help Halee feel cooler if she had shorter hair.

But today, I am unloving... Halee's haircut. Our cute, fluffy dog now looks like Timone, a meercat. 

Talk about a bad hair day! Poor Halee!

Oh, but sadly, it doesn't end here. While writing this post, I googled to check if "summer cut" is something Isabella just made up. Turns out, it isn't and I came across this article here that says that "not all dogs benefit from a summer haircut". And poms are one of these dogs that might get harmed by a summer cut. Oh no!!!

So today, I am unloving... our dog's summer cut and the fact that we may have caused her more harm than good. Aaaagggghhhh!!!

Photos from annnniegirl and my own edited with pixlr.

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