Wednesday, August 10, 2011

every 7 years

When Haley was born 14 years ago
She wasn't the sweetheart she is today
She woke up bawling every hour on the hour
Just when I had just nodded off to sweet slumber.

In my zombie, sleep-deprived state all that month,
I vowed never again will I be withchild.

Then 7 years later
The memory of hourly feedings became a blur
Even my recollection of labor pain
Surprisingly did not remain.

So out came Riley
And there I was again
Doing hourly feedings
Through the pain of my C-section.

Yet again that whole month,
I vowed never to be withchild again.

Then 7 years later
I felt it was time
For the kids to own a puppy
and learn some responsibility.

And so I found myself that night
Waking up to the howling
Of our poor little puppy,
Her mommy's cuddle she was craving

Yet again I lose sleep and wonder
What the heck is it with 7 years that my life lessons are torn asunder?!

Inspired by Sonya Sones' amusing free verse in The Hunchback of Neiman Marcus. For my previous attempts at free verse, click here and here.

Photos from blondiensc and here. 

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