Friday, August 12, 2011


I can't get enough of Ali Edward's handwriting - her easy-going, relaxed scrawl. I just love her confident big loops! Everytime I see her handwriting, I can't help feel envious, wishing my script looked as good. As you can probably tell, I am handwriting-conscious.

You see, I want everything around me to be beautiful and my handwriting just does not measure up.

Until I read Ali Edwards' post here about writing something by hand. She asks, "Do you wish you had a piece of paper with your grandmother's or grandfather's handwriting scrawled across... [even if] it's totally possible they weren't fans of their own handwriting either?" She talks about how "a piece of paper with messy penmanship can be a powerful connection to the past".

And indeed, when we're old and gone, I'm sure our kids would love to have a memento of anything we wrote by hand. Instead of a soft file of something we typed up, a handwritten note would be incredibly meaningful, especially if they recognize our writing very well.

So I'm doing it today. I will start with writing my home-organization labels by hand.

Then I will write my kids a card or even a letter on their birthday.

Maybe even actually mail it because it's much more exciting to get a letter delivered by the mailman with a ring of your doorbell rather than the beep your email makes when new mail comes in.

For those of you (unlike me here) who can cook, you can also opt to write down the recipe of your kids' favorite dish. They will not only learn how to recreate your specialty, but will also treasure the personal connection via your handwriting.

Finally, I will write down a favorite quote and paste it on a scrapbook layout or a bulletin board prominently displayed here at home or tuck it away in the box where I keep special keepsakes.

From now on, I will embrace my penmanship as a special part of me and I will consciously share my handwriting with the people I love most in the world.

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