Monday, August 8, 2011

poor kitty, kitty

If you are a cat-person, I strongly suggest to skip this post as it is written by a pretty biased dog-person.

I am a dog-person. I have never liked cats. I find the thought that cats don't take a bath and lick their bodies to clean themselves quite disgusting. Blech! So everytime I see a cat -- any cat, even the non-stray-looking, furry, fluffy cats my daughter loves to show me (yes, she is a cat person!) -- I think "Ewww!" 

Except for this one. This one I took pity on. Okay, I admit, it made me smile at first. But come on! It's hanging like a towel on the pipe! But after that short-lived amusement, I felt bad for the poor cat. I do hope the photographer saved this cat immediately after he shot the photo.


  1. Cats can take baths except that most people don't know how to give them one.

  2. @Tracy Oh, cool! My daughter will be thrilled to learn that! Thanks for letting me know! :)