Monday, August 15, 2011

you don't need to be a florist

Have you tried arranging flowers for your home? So far, my attempts have not been pretty. I used to think it was easy or that I had florist-magic deep inside of me just waiting to be uncovered (see related post here). But I don't. Pretty long-stemmed flowers don't look pretty when they're all the same height in a vase. Or when they're spread out too loosely that you could fit a tree at the center of your "arrangement".

That's why I am loving these flower-arrangement-free vases...

A tiny hole for a single flower! Elegant, right?

Mind you, the tops are closed! There is no hole on top, just on the side. So you can't even make any floral arranging mistakes! Of course, the vase arrangement is all up to you though.

Another option is to use vintage spools.

And in case you are ready to go beyond a minimalist arrangement, here is an easy trick from Carlee of deliciouslyorganized.

See? With the right vases or the right tricks, you don't need to be a florist to have fresh floral arrangements in your home!

Photos from lushlee, deliciouslyorganized, happythingsforkids and here.

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