Sunday, August 14, 2011

Today, I am un-loving...

Yes, this is a trivet. But the small one is a coaster!

Today, I am un-loving... the multitude of absolutely beautiful coasters out there that do not serve a coaster's purpose. I guess these lovely coasters are meant for colder climates. With the heat here in Manila, our glasses of cold water perspire and true, the pretty coasters prevent the formation of a ring on my table. But the little beads of condensation slowly build up on the surface of the coaster... then they form a pool that spills from the edge of the useless coaster... and instead of a ring, a translucent albeit white puddle stains the surface of my precious wooden table.

So these are just as useless as the ones with holes.

Only the glass ones like these - that catch the liquid - do the job. Sadly, these might be the best looking I've seen of this type of coaster.

They're also not so kid-friendly, being made of glass. Thick ones made of cloth or even the common crocheted ones work better for everyday use around kids.

Though not the prettiest, the native crocheted sleeve-type ones (which I fondly call "glass panties") work best in my experience. And luckily, using an apple green or ivory set of "glass panties" on my blue tinted glasses look quite nice. :)

But boy, do I wish the gorgeous coasters available out there worked just as well as my "glass panties" in keeping my wooden tables pristine. Today, I am un-loving... those beautiful yet useless coasters.

Photos from lushlee, here and here.

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