Thursday, August 11, 2011

when my pants are a tad too long...

I'm 5'1". So I always have to have my brand new pants cut at my trusty alterations shop. Problem is the span of time between my shopping spree and the day I finally visit Sewing Room is pretty much dictated by how busy my schedule is or how lazy I am and therefore kinda stretches for months. 

So I end up using my new pants even if they are a tad too long. I either roll it up inside in Ze-French-Cuff-style as Garance Dore calls it here or roll it up on the outside as Gemma did here

Boy, am I thankful rolled-up cuffs are somewhat acceptable these days! Am not so sure about Ze hem-less French Cuff, but I'll pretend it's a French thing... At least until I get to Sewing Room.

Sewing Room and Alterations Specialist has branches in Scout Borromeo in the QC area (632-3746989), Corinthian Hills (632-6373540) and Paseo Center in Makati (632-5600039).

Photos from Garance Dore.

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