Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Unpoetic Poetry

I've never been a lover of poetry. I prefer prose. But I do love Dr. Seuss' books as bedtime stories for my son because the rhyming makes it much more fun to read out loud.

I'm not much of a fiction-writer either. I tried when I first discovered Willow Love. I was enthralled by the poetic bits of stories she imagined from a single beautiful photograph. But when I got myself a photo to write about, I ended up spending 30 minutes staring at either the photo or a blank computer screen.

But just a few pages of The Hunchback of Neiman Marcus by Sonya Sones inspired me to push my boundaries and try again. This time, I tried to rhyme without being poetic. And this time, I tried to write fiction without being profound.

Here's my first attempt:

We both knew it was over;
even before this one:
this latest fight
about gum.

Does it mean something
when I look back
at all we've been through
And think...

Boy, I will really miss
(maybe a bit of his hugs)
But more, so much more,
borrowing his beautiful bags.

Will not win a Pulitzer, I know. But hey, the point is I pushed my boundaries. And that was really all I wanted to do. :)

Photos from theessentialist.

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