Monday, July 4, 2011

electric fans

Why aren't there any nice-looking electric fans? Have you ever spied an electric fan in the local home magazines that feature the most beautiful houses in the country? I bet they hide their electric fans inside the closet for the photo shoot because who can live without a fan in the Philippines?

I saw one handsome standfan once. In Anson's Makati. It was made completely out of thick, matte-silver steel and after some research for this post, I learned that it's either called "cast-zinc" or "nickel" or "brushed stainless steel" and that Jenni Epperson got one for herself. The brand is Hunter and here's another Hunter fan with that polished retro design.

Don't you just love that the logo gives the fan a sleek vintage feel all on its own? Unfortunately, pricing is also much like an antique! I remember the one in Anson's was 4 times the cost of a regular standfan! And that chic fan above, crafted from a European nut tree, costs over P20,000! Horror!

If only Apple would get into electric fan manufacturing...

Boy, I wish Standard and Dowell (sorry, I don't think there's a way the names Hanabishi or Asahi will look good, no matter how sleek the design) made affordable, industrial-fan-strong-blowing, aesthetically-pleasing electric fans. So we don't end up either hiding the ghastly-looking fan inside the closet or cropping them out of photos.

Photos from theindependent and theendsheet

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